Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hide your files in a picture [Steganography]

Hi many times you have to keep your files private when carrying them in a removable media. At this time you wish that no one suspect that it contain any important data. Making whole drive password protected or just hiding your files normally is not the solution. So I have a small trick which helps you in such situation. Though this trick is old and many of you know about it. So lets begin :

Step 1 : First choose those files which you want to hide and keep them in a folder say hidden

Step 2 : Now compress that folder in .rar or .zip folder now it becomes hidden.rar/.zip.
You can provide more security by giving password to that file.

Step 3 : Now copy any image file in the same location where hidden.rar/.zip placed.
I recommended to use .jpg file. here lets say pics.jpg

Step 4 : Open Command prompt change the location to your directory which contain both files
rar and jpg. using cd

Step 5 : then type copy /b picturename.jpg + filename.rar outputfilename.jpg
here copy /b pics.jpg + hidden.rar final.jpg

Step 6 : Now you should appear a file named final.jpg. anyone open it is able to see picture only.

Step 7 : Now to get back your data you can either open that image in your archive application. or
In command prompt type ren hiddenfilename.jpg outputfilename.rar/.zip

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